Wow! The last day of this 2020 year. Some have called this year the worst year of the century. Personally, I will just say that it has been a year to watch and see how God orchestrates outcomes which are beyond the reach of man. Our country, our world, our universe was all created by the same God. Man was place on this earth and given dominion over it with the understanding that God was its creator. Today man seems to think he is the one who can orchestrate our world’s outcomes ignoring the key–we are not the creator–GOD is. God asked us to be good stewards of what He has given us. He never told us to try and replace Him. My firm belief is that we are stepping into the reality of man’s attitude towards God. What a sad reality too.

All of this doesn’t mean that God is not working. For each of us who do believe and who do want His Son to be Lord of all, we trust Him and rely on Him. Yesterday was a great example of Christ Jesus at work. Just as I’d finished my devotions I got a call that one of our men’s grandson had taken his life–19 years of age. Right after that call I got another one saying he’d been kicked out of his residence. He has been sober for over a year but he relapsed and he has to be out of the residence today. Could I help, he asked? Late afternoon I did an inventory with a young man who is in the step study we presently have going for men. By last night the inventory had given tremendous Light from God to this young man. The other man found a place that welcomes him today. The grandpa and wife headed to their daughter’s home to offer God’s Grace at this most troubling time. Our prayers continue to be with them.

This is the God I know and serve. What God is doing at the scale of our country, world and universe–I leave to Him. He asks me to join Him where I am and where I see Him working. This is what I want to do faithfully for Him and with Him as this year ends and as the new one begins tomorrow.

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