HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve never thought about the fact that New Year’s always comes in the dead of winter. The shortest days of sunlight are upon us, the weather is cold and dreary, yet it is a new year. Be happy! This tells me that I cannot let the circumstances which surround me determine my happiness. It has to be something much greater than circumstances/environment. This is why the assurance of Jesus Christ becomes so important. No matter what the circumstances are for which we face, Jesus Christ stands far above them all and He is right within us with His Holy Spirit to empower us so we can walk through them one day at a time, one moment at a time. I love this about Jesus and His relationship with us!

I was amazed last night at Celebrate Recovery to find that only a few of the regulars were present, but unexpectedly there were two couples with young children who came. Their reasons for coming sounded the same, they were hurting and needed support. What was causing the hurt was very different for each, but the underlying support needed was the same. They needed hope for their future and hope seemed to be what they found as they spoke with us.

I am always so amazed how God works and how unexpectedly He shows up. I pray this New Year has many unexpected blessings for you from God our Father. May He show up for you in places you never expected. This has been so true for me, even in this past year of unexpected trials. Our God is always Faithful and True. I give this year to Him and thank Him this day for it!

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