Today I was to be on the road to one of the schools. Instead, I’ll be on a phone call at 8:00 am to decide how I can best be of assistance from a virtual platform. Tomorrow morning I’m to meet virtually with the two districts along with the coordinator for the consulting to make decisions on this. I haven’t been able to see this taking place (in my mind) and making the difference that needs to happen. I’m asking God to shed His Light on the conversations of this morning and tomorrow morning so what takes place is fully how He wants it to be. Our kids are not getting what they need in today’s educational setting. We need God’s insight and in receiving this insight, we need to obey.

Yesterday’s message in this blog continues into today as I had my devotions this morning. God’s covenant with us through His Son Jesus Christ offers us the opportunity to be more and more like Jesus in our character and our actions. This is only an opportunity if we don’t allow The Holy Spirit to change us as we surrender to Jesus the parts of us The Holy Spirit points out needing to be surrendered. God is pointing out that it is one thing to admit what needs to be addressed in our life, but it is a different thing to confess it–taking action to actually surrender it with the intent to no longer let my selfish will be done.

Being a new creation, believing and knowing this is true, gives us the opportunity to grow in Christ like I never thought possible. How wonderful our God is!

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