In response to yesterday’s post regarding God’s covenant with man through Jesus Christ allowing us to become more like Jesus, led me to visit my prayer warrior. I have been sensing my need to talk with her about what God has been showing me in regards to being a new creation. By 9:30 am I was in her home. I told her about the Light God is shedding on being a new creation. I had been using the 3-R’s as things were revealed. For example, the addiction had been pornography, the latest temptation has been to look not a porn, but to look at suggestive pictures. However, I knew this would lead to other temptations which I didn’t want to go to. The scripture I keep with my prayer list, Habakkuk 3:19 says in part: “…He makes my feet like hind’s feet and will make me to walk and make progress upon my high places.” This is exactly what God is doing in helping me make progress on the high places. Now I recognized it, I had rejected it and I needed to replace it.

I brought all of this out to Lois, my prayer warrior. Her response was startling to me. The first thing she said was that all of this helps me relate well to the men struggling to find the freedom I now know. Then she went on to say that her most recent nudge from God comes from Psalms 23 which says in a phrase, “…I shall not want.” As I’ve been pondering this with God since yesterday morning I keep getting the reminder that just before the phase of “I shall not want”, is the statement: “The Lord is my Shepherd”. If the Lord is my Shepherd it is then that I can live and not want. I have wanted to be a new creation, I have wanted to have freedom, I have wanted to have my past demolished and remembered no more, I have wanted to be free of temptations which remind me of my past, I have wanted and wanted! Yet, scripture has reminded me that my job is to “not want”. God is helping me to make progress on my high places and while He is doing this, He reminds me that I don’t need to want for He is the Good Shepherd who will care for all my needs including those given by the enemy. God’s Light sure does penetrate darkness!

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