I haven’t mentioned my sis for a while. I’m referencing the one who had a stroke following Thanksgiving. Each and everyday that we talk I am overwhelmed with the level of change she is making. Some of this change has to do with physical strength and others have to do with lifestyle changes. In all areas she is making healthy choices honoring all that her doctors are telling her and her older son who is assisting her as he is with her each and every day. These are things like walking a mile with her each morning, readying her home for selling (even painting the entire home) and so, so much more. Bonnie has always been a very giving person. Now is the time God is allowing her to receive the giving of others and she is accepting it graciously. All of this makes me so thankful!

I’ve been writing about PRAISE of late. Who would think of praising God for a stroke your sis had? Well, I haven’t told God I am grateful Bonnie had a stroke. However, what I praise God about is the way He has used this physical ailment to help not only her, but so many others who have been influenced by what they’ve witnessed with her going through this time. Her son told her yesterday that he has learned to pray and give thanks to God during this time. Other close friends to her have told her similar things. Even the realty lady was witnessed to in regards to how God is working and told Bonnie this. PRAISE is powerful! I do praise my Heavenly Father for His loving kindness and His thoroughness as well as His relentlessness in bringing His children to Him.

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