I always read my previous day’s blog ahead of writing today’s. As I did so this morning I noticed that my sis had a “reality lady” rather than a “realty lady”. I laughed when I saw that. I do proofread before publishing each day, however I’ve always been told one cannot proofread one’s own writing for exactness. One has in his head the intent of the message and reads for that (unintentionally) rather than for what it actually says. I hope any reader will forgive these mistakes and can glean the message intended.

Yesterday I had a good friend tell me how troubled he is regarding our nation and its dividedness. He said he just couldn’t see what God was doing in spite of his desperate and relentless prayers. I shared that he wasn’t alone in his feelings and thinking. I told him that God had indicated to me my need to praise Him rather than question Him. Praise indicates that I trust what God is doing in spite of what I can see or hear. He looked at me and said that was exactly what he too needed to hear. He told me thanks again a couple hours later when we were departing. Praise is a powerful key to staying in touch with what God plans rather than what we plan.

This morning as I journaled I didn’t even realize how I was questioning God until He reminded me to look up and see Him. I was wondering how I was to step in and give assistance to an issue from yesterday. I had journaled asking God for insights as to what I was to do in response to it. Instead of giving me a response for my actions directed to the problem, He reminded me that He is the answer and I once again needed to let Him take it and my role is to praise Him ahead of time that He is doing just that.

I am really into a learning curve right now regarding how much I need to learn about PRAISE.

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