Today I was startled (once again) by the consistent alignment of message the devotionals I use and the scripture I read had with my journaling. I keep a post-it note on my journaling page with the word PRAISE written on it. This is to remind me to start my day praising God. I specifically want to work on praising God for what I don’t know or see–things to come. I then thank Him for things I do see and know where His handiwork is evident. In my journaling I had written down some things for which I couldn’t see an outcome of hope. Some of them related to needs represented on my prayer list I keep. Well, God in His Faithfulness simply did what He is known for–shedding LIGHT.

My two devotional messages were as though they were written by the same person with the same topic. It centered around keeping our eyes lifted up to Jesus for God sees everyone of us thorugh Jesus Christ. He also sees every need thorugh the blood of Jesus which He shed for our sins. Then I began to read in II Chronicles about the warring which was taking place after Israel split into two nations: Judah and Israel. Judah was much smaller with only two of the 12 tribes of Israel. However, the size of the country and the number of the people didn’t matter. What mattered was the dedication of the country to God. Judah’s leader recognized their inability to fight against the enemy and he gave this inability to God. God honored this obedience and the enemy was defeated by God’s taking control of the battle.

There is no need of man for which God doesn’t know. He waits for us to recognize our inability to handle it on our own and reject the idea we are losers as His children. He wants us to replace our inability with HIS STRENGTH by looking only to Him with our battle. The Light He sheds will show us the steps to take when we look up. Today I took the needs on my prayer list to God looking up to Him and I praised God for what only HE can do with each of them.

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