Yesterday was going to be one of those days I thought would be a whirlwind. It was to start with worship team practice @ 8:00 am, church and then step study. Following step study would be our monthly Celebrate Recovery Leadership mtg where I was doing a training. Following that I was coming home to fix a dinner for a grandson visit and by the time that ended, it would be bedtime. Well, most of the day happened as planned except when I got home my grandson asked if he could change to next week? I told him the meal would be better then because grandma would be home. He thought that was good!

As today begins I am going to the three schools I typically work with each week. My going there cannot be to work with them but to leave a card and a treat for them. I’ve been pondering how I could be meaningful for any place when I’m 80 miles away and cannot be physically present. It was suggested to me that encouragement is always a plus when one is in the dead of winter along with the present day difficulties. I’d been asking God what would be an appropriate “lift of spirits” and so that is what I’m taking out.

God, every once in a while, does things which lifts our spirits to Him. That happened for me this morning when I received a text message with an uplifting song attached. I pray the gift will do the same for the three staffs. God does have a way of showing up at just the right time. I pray this will be today for some folks.

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