Have you ever wondered what sanctification was actually like? When I was in my youth it was talked about a good deal in church services and especially in revival services. My devotional today brought the message out clearly. Is my will fully surrendered to the will of Christ Jesus? Do I still decide what for Jesus I will do or am I willing to say yes to all that Christ Jesus asks?

The Chronicle books of the Bible tell of the kings of Israel and Judah. You find that the kings who are sold out to God’s leadership are rewarded for this–winning battles, becoming prosperous, country follows well and so on. It is easy to read through the two Chronicle books and acknowledge the “good” kings and shake your head at the “bad” ones. It is not so easy to look at oneself and see where I submit fully to the leading of Jesus Christ in my life–being sanctified.

Yesterday was a different kind of day. Several things came up in the morning unexpectedly. In each case I needed to spend time to support them. I found myself not wanting to do the work needed in the way it was needing to be done. This morning I have been confronted with the question–Am I willing to do the work only if I can do so my way? I know the answer is, no. However, I fight the internal battle of my will. The work needs to be done regardless in order for it to move forward.

It is spiritually healthy to step back and take a look at all of this. Whether the work is spiritual or secular, I want to do it in response to Jesus Christ’s leadership. My attitude is not to get in the way if it is only about “will”. In each case my will wants to stop the work because it is uncomfortable doing it in the fashion needed. So, I commit to Jesus this morning to do what I need to do trusting Him for the outcome.

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