This morning God gave me a big surprise. As I was to begin my devotions I was prompted to first take a look at the COVID status for the two counties where I do consulting. The one where I spend the most time has moved out of red which restricted me from being physically present. This means that tomorrow I can return in person. When I was writing this blog yesterday, part of what I was addressing was about having to do the work virtual rather than in person. Once I addressed my “will”, God changed the status so I actually can now be present. I just had to stop and give thanks. It is so humbling to watch how God works and to get to be part of it.

So much came out of today’s devotional time continuing down the path of total surrender to God–sanctification. In II Chronicles 30-32 Hezekiah’s years of leadership are described. He is said to be one of the very few leaders of Judah sold out to God in the same manner as King David. However, as his greatness grew and was rewarded he became proud. He became very sick and almost died, but during this time he repented of his pride and recommitted himself to God’s Ways.

In Celebrate Recovery we have accountability partners/sponsors. These people are to hold us accountable to our commitments. One of these commitments is our faithful walk with God each and every day. If we give in to our pride it pulls us away from God’s leading and our actions quickly tell without us knowing it. However, a good accountability partner can see this and his role is to then confront us. I’m sure we all have our moments, but as we grow in our commitment to Jesus Christ, the quicker we respond in turning it around just as King Hezekiah did.

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