It may sound silly, but I am so glad I get to be back with the schools today in person. I’m sure there is work that can be done virtually just as effectively as when it is done in the traditional setting. But, teaching is so much more than providing information for students to know. The relationship one has with them inspires learning, the mode of instruction can give clarity when one can see that misunderstanding is in the way of learning, and so much more. On-line, it is so difficult for all of this to take place for the many students who are not motivated sitting behind a computer screen. So, I’m glad to be back.

Oswald Chamber’s devotional: My Utmost for the Highest, said something today which I needed to be reminded and it tied to yesterday’s message. Obedience to God’s leadership is a must for us Christians if our relationship is to grow. Along with this, Oswald clarifies that God’s Holy Spirit within us cannot do His Work if our will is not surrendered to God’s leadership. We may want to serve God, but we want to define how that is done far too often. God, on the other hand, has a determined plan for our service to Him. It is through The Holy Spirit that we know this as He speaks to us. He is silent however until we surrender our will. This is the genuine meaning of sanctification–surrender of our will each and every day and each and every moment within the day. When we are fully surrendered, God then speaks to His Spirit within us as they know each other well and we get to be part of it. Wow, what a privilege!

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