It is inauguration day. Let us together lift our new president and our country to the throne of God our Father. Our president is new, our country is fragile, but, God is not any of these for He is eternal, mighty and Lord of all. Let us never forget this.

Yesterday I wrote about God teaching me/us about living the life of the new creation He made us to be once we accept His Son Jesus into our heart. I have written several times about my prayer warrior introducing me to the 3-R’s (recognize, reject and replace) and the 3-S’s (self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence). I tremendously struggled to believe I was a new creation until I could finally replace this abused person with the righteous person Jesus Christ made me to be through His sacrifice. Finally believing all of this to be real for me I could begin to love myself. I thought I had arrived until today’s devotional time.

In today’s devotional time God began to address with me the immensity of His Love for us and how limited my capacity of love has presently been. Yes, I have begun to believe I can love and be loved, but thus far the capacity of this “love tank” is man size. God is opening my eyes to my need to see love through His capacity. It is this capacity (which is limitless), He wants me to have for my own understanding. God doesn’t give us love, He gives us Himself which is LOVE. Within this love we live life. My capacity to grasp this is only beginning but today my eyes are starting to open to this very real truth about God our Father.

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