I love how patient and yet thorough our God is. When we commit to Him He begins a work which will never stop until we walk through death’s door. The work has so much to do with helping us get beyond our own selves in order to enable us to become more and more like His Son Jesus.

The love I started to write about yesterday is just one example. Today, Joyce Meyers wrote about the Israelites who were sent back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. They encountered problem after problem as you read the small book of Ezra. At one point they even had to stop completely. If we encounter problems like this today we often think we are doing so because we are out of alignment with God’s plan (or I do). Joyce brings out the point that Jesus Christ came with one purpose in mind. Did He encounter problems completing God’s plan? We all know the answer to this! The confidence Jesus had to always move forward was directly connected to His relationship with His Father. I loved reading this and bringing this back to life today. Problems need to be brought by us to God, but then we need to let God speak to us about them. Only He can let us know if we are out of alignment or if we are simply having problems because the world doesn’t understand yet. God’s Voice is often faint, yet it is there when we quiet our own voice in order to hear Him. I’ll keep working on this.

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