Yesterday was one of those days for which I’d like all days to be. Everything that I wanted to get done got done and in so doing, it was fun. Much of that had to do with the fact that gardening played a big part in a couple of the activities. This morning as I was thanking God for the day and praising Jesus for being so good, I heard that still small voice saying, “It is one thing to thank me for tasks, it is altogether another thing to thank me for who I made you to be.” I get overly involved daily in the tasks of the day and at the end of the day I rate my worthwhileness by the quality of the tasks done. I know not to find value (worth) in this, but I find myself doing it even without realizing it. God was pointing out to me that I can be joyful for a good, nice day; but, first and foremost, be joyful and thankful for who I am in Him–Jesus Christ. That is the value I have in God. What a blessed thought–knowing God is proud of us because–first, He created us and we choose to worship Him. I sure love this God of ours!

My humanness drifts back into the old ways of thinking and doing, but God is faithful to remind (me) us of Himself and who we are to Him. Praise God!

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