Last evening a dear saint entered the gates of heaven. She is the mother to dear friends–a lady as sweet and saintly as all of us kids thought about our own mom. Her name is Betty. She and her husband loved to party and create a party for everyone. As I journaled this morning thanking Jesus for Betty’s entrance, I realized they were likely still partying! Betty’s husband passed into heaven last May and so they are now gloriously and eternally dancing for Jesus!

Yesterday’s sermon by our pastor told a line for which I want to remember. It was, “Delayed obedience is instant disobedience.” As soon as I was writing it down on my bulletin I heard God’s nudge to go sing Betty’s song to her. Several months ago she had asked me to sing a certain song for her funeral service. We had just been to their home Saturday evening and had sung a few songs to her then but not this particular one. So, when I got home from step study I asked Kathy if she wanted to go and off we went. I could tell time was short when we arrived. This morning I sense so strongly the meaning of the statement I heard. I so often try to negotiate what to do and when to do it with God’s nudges. However, yesterday brought clarity to me about any negotiating with God. Instead, I want to simply be obedient at the moment.

Our God is so much more than our human mind can grasp. But, what I do grasp only inspires me to seek Him more and more. He is so interested in every detail of our lives. Getting to be a Light-bearer for Him is such a privilege!

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