As I arose this morning I talked to my friend’s wife. He is still in the hospital but his vitals are closer to normal. They are working to determine the cause of this attack before they release him. God is taking care of him which I knew He would. I simply pray this cause can be known so my friend can join his family. God is using our prayers!

Today is the day of Betty’s celebration service. Her family is gathering this morning at the gravesite and then the celebration will follow at 12:00 noon. I was asked to say something before the song I’m to sing. There are so many things which come to mind, but all of them bring immediate tears. I don’t want to breakdown while I sing her requested song either. I know to trust Jesus to take care of all of this but my humanness screams other messages at the moment. As I write this I am reminded of yesterday’s message–turn it over to Jesus and look up to Him as I do so–“Jesus, this is YOURS! I thank you too!”

As we had our step study lesson yesterday we were discussing the worthwhileness of journaling. What was becoming very clear to me is that journaling is what has kept me in the present all of these years. My life was spent denying my past and any effects it had on me. They were buried and sealed. I use to hate having to write about them, but over the years in doing so, I not only faced the memories, but I’ve also been able to find God’s presence and handiwork in them. I was never the orphaned, abandoned child I thought I was. In fact, God has always had a plan and was always present in my living it out. Today I praise God and thank Him for using all of my past to offer HOPE to those who are still in the midst of confusion and struggle.

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