I received a prayer request last night close to bedtime. It was for my dear friend I’ve been singing with for 52 years. All of his family (kids and grandkids) are at Disneyworld having left last Friday. That very night he became quite ill so one of his sons, who is a medical doctor, took him to the hospital. They say it is pancreatitis. They’re keeping him for a couple of days. The prayer request is that he’ll quickly get better so he and his family can enjoy their vacation together. This hit me like a hammer. Our friendship has been for so long and always solid, I just hadn’t ever seen him as fragile. Yet, all I need to do is remind myself we are flesh–human. That is enough to know we are temporary in our present state.

Our step study lesson this week has been to journal what has been good each day, bad each day, what we did to face each of them and lastly, record any patterns one sees from the week. I’ve been one who journals for many years now. However, consciously watching for patterns was a good reminder. I know that when I am tired I am vulnerable. Also, when I am totally alone I can be too. As I was journaling this morning and talking to Jesus about this, He reminded me to not only turn from the temptation, but to also look up to Him as I turn. Seeing Christ in the midst of temptation is solid. I lived a long time thinking I’d been abandoned so now being able to see Christ at these times is a blessing of His Love and His Grace. How I love this Savior, Lord and Friend–Jesus Christ. (He is also my friend’s HEALER!)

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