Today’s lesson for our Step Study is Daily Inventory. Boy, is it a good reminder of how to daily live. Spend time with God as we start each day, address any troubling spots from the day before–making amends as needed. As you go through your day, be a good listener to those who may need to share with you, ones who are overly anxious and then give encouragement and blessings rather than any judgment. Going through this lesson is such a good reminder. It is also a good assessment to see where one needs to place some attention.

The area that hit me squarely in the face comes from Mark 14:38. It says, “Watch with me and pray lest the tempter overpower you. For though the spirit is willing enough, the body is weak.” No one can watch with me and pray if I haven’t shared what I’m struggling with. If I do this daily my sponsor can be very specific about how to pray for and with me. I in turn can be this kind of a sponsor for those who have asked me to do so. For me personally, I hear this message, “Oh, you can’t share that temptation, you’re a leader so you have to be beyond that.” It always paralyzes me too when I hear it. I literally have to make myself tell. It never comes naturally. My sponsor and I touch base daily to do this for one another, yet, it takes sheer discipline to confess. I’m sure this has to do with pride, but nonetheless, the sharing always helps and that is why it is critically important to follow these steps.

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