Well, the lecturing has come to an end for Job. I reached the chapter where God is now speaking to him. I’m saving this for tomorrow. I love the fact that no matter how devastating the circumstances, God speaks. He doesn’t do it in our timeframe, but He is the One who knows when the message from Him is ready to be heard and heard well. All the chatter we make ahead of God speaking looks mighty “puny” when God speaks.

The world today is so filled with “man’s messages”. When man has turned to himself to find answers, which seems to be where we are today, there is turmoil and we find it everywhere. God’s Word has lost its place for leading our moral behavior and so much more. We know what God says about this–it is the decline of a nation. We clamor to be heard, when God asks us (waits for us) to turn to Him and listen in unity to His Message for us.

When God speaks it is never without clarity. What is unclear is what we do with the message. Lets join together staying true to God’s Word–don’t judge but do discern. We can know discernment through our intuition–not our emotions. Sit on the screaming messages of man’s emotions until the voice of God is heard. One cannot deny this Voice for the voice of emotion bows to the Voice of God.

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