As I began my devotional reading this morning I found myself going back to Job and his prosperity. The writer of my devotional was challenging the reader to think about how one honors God in their living while we are blessed. He says man turns to God in their distress and more often turns to himself in the times of blessing. After finishing Job yesterday I thought I was done with it and ready to move on. However, I believe God had one more message to learn. Yes, God wanted Job to know He was with him in the time of his blessings and also in the times of his sorrow.

When I was younger I use to think about living life at the age I am today. I had thought life would be more of a coasting until death at this point. Now that I am here I feel even more compelled to live for God and do all I can to help others do the same. Actually, I also find that God gives us breaks so we can enjoy life too. Taking trips, enjoying leisure, etc. are nice, but they are not nearly as fulfilling as seeing someone find confidence and hope for living in Jesus Christ. The author of my devotional said we dishonor God more in our “blest living” because we turn to ourselves. I hadn’t thought about this very much, but I sure see this as I open my eyes to it.

I use to think I needed to hide all that was inside me so I could appear blest and the world would think I was. Today I know I am blest beyond measure and there are no secrets. I want to be sure others know this too for themselves. Satan definitely tries to destroy us in our times of sorrow and in times of blessing. Lets help one another see God and accomplish His purposes in times of both.

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