God speaks, Job repents, God instructs Job to pray for his friends, Job prays for his friends, God blesses Job doubly. It takes one chapter at the beginning of Job to describe the instant disaster that falls upon him. It takes 4 chapters at the end to describe God’s confrontation with Job and the three friends. Then it takes one additional chapter to tell how God restores Job and blesses him doubly as far as material wealth is concerned. It takes 36 chapters to tell all the drama of Job and his wife, his three friends and the young man.

As I consider this I am instantly checked about all the drama created in each day for which man creates. So much of life is about the drama of man. Almost all of it is done without considering God’s plan for the day. What I also note is that God had Job pray for his three friends and in so doing, God blesses Job doubly.

Before I retired out of the school district for which I’d worked 33 years, I applied for a couple positions I thought would be a good match for me. What I didn’t know at the time was that I would never be given one of them because the superintendent I had didn’t want me there. He and I had had a couple “disagreements” but I had thought they were worked out. I became bitter towards him and I shared this with a confidant. I was asked by her if I had prayed for him? I was truly taken back by her statement, but I instantly knew that is what I needed to do–so I began to do so. The bitterness disappeared. A couple years later God opened wide the door for all the consulting work I do today. Little did I know the plan God had for me. I’ve loved the past 13 years and I do feel very blessed. What I do know is that God doesn’t want us bitter, He wants us focused on Him and not on man.

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