Winter has finally come to S. Idaho. It had begun to snow while we were having Celebrate Recovery last night. This morning as I can begin to see outside, there is 3-4 inches on the ground. It truly looks beautiful! We’ve had a fair amount of moisture so far but it has been in the form of rain. This desert climate of Southern Idaho needs snow in our mountains to maintain our irrigation in the summer. So, I praise God for sending it our way!

Today has some critical items taking place for some important people in my life. All of a sudden yesterday things began to happen which directly seemed to interfere with outcomes for today. I awoke during the night a few times praying for outcomes to be healthy and of God’s Leading. However, as I began my journaling this morning I started to write my “worry” to Jesus. I have a post-it note on my lamp which reads PRAISE. It was then I began to readdress Jesus. I had to apologize for my lack of confidence in His Leadership knowing He is already working on plans I just cannot yet see. The weight of my worry left and in its place is an assurance that God is in control. Not only is He in control, He wants to be and He loves each person connected to today’s issues. His Outcomes are always used by Him and so I praised Him for all of this. As I finished journaling I got a nudge from Him telling me that my trust can take root when I Praise Him. Praising God is my tangible part of Trusting God. My new lesson.

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