I wrote yesterday about the concerns I had for the day and what was to take place. I praised God (finally) after He reminded me of this need. The day took place as though there were no hitches in it at all. All my concerns were for naught. Praise God! The incredible thing is that there were a couple of unexpected praises which took place in the day I had no idea would happen. God is so good! Praising Him is truly man’s expression of TRUST in HIM!

The snow keeps coming! What was 3-4″ yesterday is now about 7 and it is still snowing as I write. I had to go outside since it is too dark yet to see from the inside. I’m a happy farm boy seeing this summer irrigation falling.

Today Kathy and I are attending a marriage day our church is sponsoring. I have no idea what to expect, except we will spend time I’m sure focusing on God and our relationship. I’m sure this will help her!! Ha! Ha! Everyone knows I am the one needing this! It might seem a little odd having the day while we “social distance”! In all seriousness I am looking forward to it. It is going to be a great day!

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