About three years ago I began to read Watchman Nee’s book, The Spiritual Man. He said in it that we can know the voice of God through our intuition. He does a nice job separating our emotions from intuition. I’ve been preparing to teach Celebrate Recovery’s lesson tomorrow night on Spiritual Inventory–Part II.

Two weeks ago I taught Part I which addressed the negatives in our life. Tomorrow’s lesson will go into who God made us to be–the positives. As I’ve been grappling with man’s emotions in the Psalms, I’ve been pondering about the gift of intuition God gave man in order to separate His Voice from man’s voice in our emotions. God’s Voice is almost always “a still small voice” which our emotions cloud and hide if we don’t stop long enough to quiet them so we can hear God. The gifts God gives us can be buried in our selfishness and unbelief’s if we aren’t careful.

The Celebrate Recovery bible takes the story of Zechariah as one who didn’t believe God’s message to him through Gabriel the Archangel. Zechariah doubted the message and he became mute. God asks us to take His message/s to us on Faith/Trust. In so doing we show our confidence in the God we say we serve no matter what God is telling us or saying to us.

It has taken me a long time to get to this place in my personal life. I could easily trust God for you, but my past and the emotional voices in my head often kept me from believing the promises God wanted me to know and believe. Today, most of them have been Recognized, Rebuked and Replaced with Self: love, appreciation and confidence. However, if I’m not careful I have a moment like last Sunday morning which I wrote about. The turn around time is faster today, but I want to be a man who doesn’t question God, but tells Him, Yes, I want to follow your lead as I hear Your Voice and never question it.

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