I said yesterday that tonight I teach Spiritual Inventory Part II for the Celebrate Recovery group. I had said that two weeks ago we addressed the negatives in our lives in the Part I lesson. I also said that in tonight’s lesson we would address the positives. Well, the positives are only positive if we obey the necessary steps we are to take.

I’ve been looking for a good story to read along with this lesson. I just hadn’t been able to find one. There is the story of Zachariah which I mentioned yesterday. However, it didn’t seem to fit so last night I’d decided I’d teach the lesson without a story. This morning the Light was given. As I had my Bible reading in the Psalms Joyce Meyers tells a story from her own experiences. It fits like a glove. It is all about Pray and Obey.

This may be true for all people, but for the ones who come to Celebrate Recovery, we pray for God to intervene in whatever brought us. However, obey what we need to do? Well, that may or may not happen. We don’t want to take a step of faith into an area where hurt has been the only experience we’ve known. God is asking us to Pray and Obey. It is the only way we can learn to build our Trust/Faith in Him.

I have needed to take these steps of obedience many times as I’ve addressed my personal recovery. There have been many times I’ve prayed but instead of obeying, I thought the steps I needed to take were too tough or just not needed. I’d recover to the degree I was willing. In God’s faithfulness He didn’t let me stay there and I’m so grateful! I think I’m now ready to teach tonight’s lesson.

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