“God has said,” This was the title and start of my devotional reading this morning. Charles Spurgeon, author, had written about the importance of these three words and I loved it. God has done so much in the past couple years to remove any stigma I’ve had about Him being anything like my own father. So, as I read these three words this morning I was prompted to remove the word God and replace it with Dad–my Heavenly Father. Just fathom for a minute confronting any ill thought, any temptation, any judgmental thought, any poor me idea with the statement: “God has said….” For me, I wanted to say, “Dad has said.”

For much of my adult life I’ve heard speakers talk about God as our Heavenly Dad. Every time I heard this I cringed. There was no way I’d ever think of God has my dad. However, as I’ve already said, God has done so much to separate my memories of my earthly dad from those of God Himself. In doing so I can easily think of God as my Heavenly Dad and I can now think far more forgivingly about my own dad.

The Bible is filled with our Heavenly Dad’s Voice with wisdom and leadership for all of His children. I just want to start thinking, “Dad has said we can’t do that. It won’t be good for us.” “I don’t want to say that, it will only hurt them and not help them.” I could add a long list of these here. The point is that I truly want to be the son of my Heavenly Dad who uses His Wisdom to live my life and help others with their own as Dad nudges or they might ask.

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