This morning is the funeral service for a lady who was married to my nephew for, I believe, 23 years. They had two daughters together and there is one older brother. I was asked by one of the grandnieces to read a couple of things at the service for them (scripture and poem). They knew they couldn’t get through them so they asked if I’d be willing and of course I said yes. The nephew who was married to her is only a couple years younger than me so we had grown up together almost as cousins. God’s presence is always one of healing. It is simply a part of God so if we are in His Presence and we allow ourselves to take in God’s Presence, healing can happen. There is this need today. I hadn’t known this, but there are some rough edges still in the family which God, I know, would love to heal. This is my prayer today.

When I get home today my brothers and their wives will be at our home. We are hosting the monthly get-together. I had a text from my niece in California with a picture of our oldest living sis taken yesterday morning when my niece was with her. My sis is struggling with dementia, but yesterday she was bright. The picture looked so much like my mom that I had to catch my breath for a moment. My sis wanted my niece to send the picture to us so we could see she is doing fine!

My family has had many times when God’s Presence brought healing. I have witnessed many, many of them. Today, I pray for another one of these moments when God’s Rich Presence softens hearts and souls to see Him and let Him do His Miraculous Healing starting this morning.

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