I found out yesterday that one of the teachers who had taught for me for 20+ years has died. Then this morning I had a prayer request that a gentleman I’ve known and sang for their wedding has passed during the night. This always makes me realize just how fragile our life truly is. The hope of Jesus Christ and eternity becomes extremely real the older we get and I am there.

Today our quartet is singing for worship in the first church service. We are also singing a special number entitled: God Doesn’t Care. I’m asked to introduce the song to the congregation. I had introduced it to our quartet a couple of years ago. The words are so powerful. The title makes one think that God doesn’t give a rip! However, the words of the song make it clear that it is the darkest, deepest sin secrets we carry are all covered by the blood of Jesus. God doesn’t care how awful we feel about our sins, He has forgiven them if we only turn to His Son Jesus asking Him to forgive us.

Today I also bring to our step study the introduction to writing one’s testimony. We are about to conclude this study and so it is time to give them the opportunity to give back to the ministry by writing their testimony and giving it on a Thursday night. There is nothing that brings more anxiety than the thought of doing this, but, once one had done it, one realizes how much God will use our mess as His message when we give Him the opportunity to do so. God Doesn’t Care–He takes all of our messes and turns them into hope for another struggler when we allow Him to do this.

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