I love writing March 1st! Even if winter seems to be hovering, it is spring in my heart. It won’t be long now until the warmth of the sun and the length of the sun-lit day brings forth the beauty of the earth. This is truly where I find much happiness. My gratitude to God cannot be enough in just words!

I’ve been addressing the Psalms as any reader would already know. I’ve realized how much of them I’ve simply overlooked. I haven’t wanted the emotional needs they express to be about me. God has certainly been awakening me to this. I have emotional needs just as everyone else does. It is time to admit this and allow the salve of the Psalms to penetrate these needs and be a balm to them. Every morning of late I find tremendous insights into God and me as I’ve been awake to this reality I’ve denied.

I’ve been on this journey of mine for 70 years. Little did I know how deeply the wounds of my childhood would restrict God’s beauty in this tremendous book called Psalms. As a child I’m sure I needed the shield of protection from the emotional wounds of Dad and my brother. However, God is genuinely wanting me to fully let them go and better see Him working through the emotionally based being He created. It seems odd to be writing this at my age, but it is the right thing for me to be doing. God is never done bringing us back to Him.

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