Today I finished the journal I’ve been using. When this happens I always go back to the start of it to see where I was in my recovery as it began. I then go to the middle of it to check the progress at that point. We are taught to do this in Celebrate Recovery and it has proven to be a good way to celebrate and to set goals. The journal started the end of last May so the pandemic was well into its influence. As I turned to the middle I found where we were able to start CR again in the early fall and I was able to restart the step study for men. There were 9 of us at that point. There are 5 of us now and we finish in two more weeks. It was a great time to reflect on the progress all have including me.

My post yesterday about obedience is truly where God is wanting me to stay focused. I use to wish/hope for the day when all temptation was gone, obedience was easy and following God was “a piece of cake”. Little did I know or realize how strong the flesh is and how selfish it is. I knew what it looked like from dad, I just never wanted it to be true for me. Yet, it is. Obedience is like all other recovery items–one day at a time/one moment at a time. It has taken me a long time to accept this as truth. I want to live in the reality of obedience rather than in the hope of it. The truth of one day at a time makes it far more possible knowing my flesh is just like everyone else–selfish and needing surrendered.

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