This morning I awoke 30 minutes later than I had intended. I’d set the alarm before going to bed but neglected to turn it on. That hasn’t happened very often for me. I am usually awake ahead of the alarm and most days I don’t set it. Well, anyway, life is going to be just fine!

The reality that I’m no longer hoping to be a new creation is real. I am a new creation is true and the struggle to believe this is anchored in God’s truth and not my fragile hope. The message which continues to come before me now is one of consistent, immediate obedience. God’s Holy Spirit awaits this obedience. My devotions keep talking about it. In my lifetime I’ve truly wanted to be an obedient servant to God. But, I can go down the list of times when I took charge of “when and if” I did obey. I had my own boundaries around where I’d step. My faith/trust was too often in my court and not in God’s.

Today I find God wanting me to fully trust. This is what a new creation is taught to do. I find this message to be so humbling and yet filled with Strength–God’s Strength. As a child I thought I needed to be strong so that the ways of dad and my brother didn’t become “my ways”. God has lifted my eyes more fully to Him for He wants me to be strong in His Ways. This can only happen through obedience to His Way–His Holy Spirit’s nudges. Trust & Obey, the old hymn says, “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey.”

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