The meeting I mentioned yesterday regarding the testimony of one of our Celebrate Recovery men took place last night. Both of the men who met contacted me separately following the meeting. The one who conducted the meeting said it had gone very well. The one being threatened said, “my family has no power over me any longer. I am fine.” I couldn’t thank God enough for this tremendous outcome. God is so GOOD!

This morning’s devotional reminds me to praise God in the midst of trials. If I trust God in all things I will do so outwardly in praise even in the midst of storms. I have to confess I was very worried about my friends’ meeting. God had already told me to let Him handle this because it is His Work. I didn’t interfere like I wanted to. However, God was wanting me to know to praise Him for the outcome which I didn’t do ahead of time showing my trust. I want to use this as a good lesson and reminder to demonstrate my trust with praise and adoration ahead of and during any storm.

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