I was recently told of a man who had read my book and had told his wife that it gave him hope. That was a “praise God”. Yesterday late afternoon I received a text message from the gentleman. He said he would like to meet so we could talk. That was another “praise God”. I have been on this journey long enough that I hadn’t thought about my first time to reach out for help. However, in receiving this text message I instantly felt the fear and anguish behind it and within it. This morning I prayed for him and for his courage to continue to take one step at a time. There is nothing like the vulnerability in taking a step to find there is no condemnation in taking it. When this happens long enough the fear eventually begins to be replaced with trust. Boy, do I know this well. God is so good at staying right along side of us in all of these trials and struggles. For years I didn’t recognize it because the fear was screaming too loudly. Today, I know beyond a shadow of doubt how intimately close He was and how tenderly HIs Holy Spirt stayed right there. What a loving and gracious God we serve.

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