Once upon a time I had one of those moments where March 13th was St. Patrick’s Day in my mind. I prepared myself for the day putting a green M&M on my sports jacket lapel. It turned into one of my more embarrassing moments/days. I won’t tell the story here, but every time I write this date that memory returns and I chuckle inside.

Yesterday was a blessed day. My second oldest grandson who is a junior in high school has had his own battles to address in life. I have wanted him to know there is a huge opportunity for becoming much more than one might believe (at the age of 17) if only you can be exposed to a sliver of them. So, with permission from him, I arranged for him and his best friend to visit a college close by yesterday afternoon. I was able to accompany them too which was a treat for me. My grandson is a “star” basketball player (which is really true). The college had arranged a portion of the tour to be with the head basketball coach. This was a 30-45 minute block of the afternoon. He and his friend hugged me at the end of the time saying this was the best day of their lives! It was one of my better days too just being a mouse in the corner while they kept exclaiming, “how sweet!” and many more exclamations of praise and wonderment.

Once in a while the journey has a day in it like yesterday. I keep smiling and thanking God for it. God truly is AMAZING!

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