Psalms 111:10–“The reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the beginning of ‘Wisdom and skill’….” This verse was the foundation of my devotions this morning and then it was part of the scripture reading as I continue to read through the Psalms. God is emphasizing a point for which I (and we) need to pay close attention.

Yesterday was the graveside service for a wonderful lady who had taught for me 20 or more years. She and I had also graduated together from college. At the service I saw a few people I hadn’t seen since my retirement from the district 13 years ago. One was telling me of their son who is struggling a great deal. In fact, they said I am the first person they’d shared this with. I told them about our Celebrate Recovery program and invited them to come. As I began my prayer time this morning I was about to pray for this son and a couple other young men who have been on my list. I was going to ask God to intervene in their lives awakening them to Him and His healing power. However, God reminded me to Praise Him first for what He is going to do in their lives ahead of any asking. I had started my prayer thanking God in general, but praising Him specifically for these men and their recovery hadn’t been on my mind until God planted the seed.

As I began to write this entry the verse above resonated. God is wanting me to grow in wisdom and skill from Him. The big one for me as been learning to Trust Him ahead of any visible actions. The wisdom to TRUST is huge in God’s Kingdom Work. That means praise needs to begin each moment of each day. This is another big step for me.

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