The power of God’s Holy Word–“God’s Word is very important to Him. The Bible says in Psalm 138:2 that He has exalted above all else His name and His word, and He has magnified His word even above His name.” This is a direct quote from Joyce Meyers written in the preface of the Amplified Bible I am reading.

I am finding as I read through Psalms God is wanting me to bury once and for all the thoughts I’ve had all of my life about our relationship. I’ve known now for several years that I am a new creation. I know that this new creation I am is a growing, living being. Even though the flesh man I am is well into his life, My new creation life is young and yet, eternal. God is showing me that as I have learned to trust Him, it is now time to fully Trust His Word. I have always believed the Bible as being the Word of God. However, believing that God’s Word is magnified above His Name? Well, that truth is just starting to take root.

God’s Word is the tangible part of God I can grab and hold. I know that God’s Spirit lives in me but when I want God to be tangible, I turn to His Word. The Psalms are filled with promise, fulfillment of promise and direction for each day’s living. I am so grateful that the relationship God is growing in Him and me is taking me to this Truth in His Word. How I love our Wonderful God!

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