Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is a day of celebration. Our step study men finished our journey last Sunday. Tonight we are gathering at a restaurant in Nampa to celebrate. Tomorrow night at Celebrate Recovery we will give a step study chip to each participant for their diligence in completing this huge step of healing. In addition to this, a lady in our CR group is having a prayer warrior pray over her this afternoon along with her group leader. There is a darkness they are praying to uncover. She called me yesterday asking that we be praying today for her as this transpires. Satan hates to have his darkness penetrated by God’s healing, brilliant LIGHT, yet that is what is taking place today and I am celebrating what God’s Light has already done in the lives of these step study men and also what God’s Light is going to do today in the life of this lady!

God’s Love for His children is not just kind, but it is also POWERFUL and PENETRATING! Today darkness is being destroyed and we celebrate!

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