This morning I ended my reading of the Psalms. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much from one of the Bible’s books as I have this time. There is a dominant word which this book uses over and over. This word is PRAISE! There are a number of things brought out in Psalms that we should praise God about, but there is only One deserving the PRAISE and that is GOD. The genuine awakening for me is that we don’t just praise God for all the goodness He provides and the beauty of our dwelling, we are to praise Him in the midst of every storm we have or anyone else is having. I have never, until this morning, looked at praise as an emotion or the expression of emotions. No matter what the trial, if I choose to praise God it lifts the burden of the trial. It is like the handing over of the trial to the very One who wants to take it but waits for us to give it to Him.

I have known for years the teaching of Praising God in the midst of our trials. I also know the teaching of Praising God for someone else’s trial knowing and trusting that trial to bring them closer to God. Reading the Psalms this time has moved this “teaching” from my mind into my heart.

God has been nudging me to begin the class Mending the Soul which is for abuse victims. I brought this up in our Celebrate Recovery leadership meeting yesterday. I was so pleased to see that one of the other leaders is ready to start a new step study for men leaving me free to focus on the abuse class. My heart is heavy with the weight of abuse. But, this weight is no longer a burden which I carry. It is a reminder to PRAISE and PRAY for these victims who will start their journey to a much greater freedom. I will PRAISE GOD knowing already this freedom He is giving me is waiting for them too!

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