If March has a special day in it, it is today. Today is the birthday of my sis Bonnie–just older than me. She has been my cheerleader and encourager for as long as we have been together and that is a LONG time! Happy Birthday SIS! I love you!

I got a phone call early this morning with some troubling news. My thought was that when we think things are coming together, something falls apart making one want to just junk the whole thing. Then I finished my Bible reading and got my prayer list so I could pray over it. In the middle of the list I had written PRAISE reminding me of my teachings from the Psalms. Instantly I was reminded to praise God for the hiccups which come for He will use them to strengthen our ministry and myself if I stay obedient to Him. In praising God I no longer felt the frustration. Actually, instead, I found myself now praying for the one who is troubled. This is what I know God is wanting me to do instead of getting frustrated about it.

God is never done teaching us and I will never be done being a student of His. I always want to be open for the next lesson.

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