The journey does continue, but yesterday’s part in the journey did not end with the meeting I’d hoped. I have to leave this with this young man and God. I just want to be ready when he is ready.

As I am reading through Proverbs I am stricken by the strength found in WISDOM. The second half of the verse Proverbs 10:6 says, “…the knowledge of the Holy One is insight and understanding.” Man has lessened the magnitude of wisdom by putting his own definition to this magnificent word. I love what this verse says. We simply cannot have insight and understanding (the true meaning of Wisdom) if we do not continuously walk with Jesus, God the Father and stay tuned into The Holy Spirit Who resides in us. It is this relationship which allows the Wisdom from on High to be ours. Wisdom isn’t just words. It is lived out in actions by the way we respond to something said, respond to something unsaid, discipline ourselves in the pattern of building our intentional walk with God.

The depth and breadth of God’s Wisdom will never be ours fully. We are simply limited. However, staying in tune/harmony with God does allow us to tap into a reservoir which man without God can never know.

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