The young man did contact me and we are now set to meet next Saturday. I pray this leads to an actual meeting. Somehow, I think it will.

Today is early and I’m headed back to the district. It always take a moment for me to realign myself to going back after being home for a week. This is particularly true when Spring is here and I really enjoy so much being home and outside. I wait to see what is in store for the rest of this school year. The superintendent is leaving and they are in the process of choosing a new one. This transition will be a very important one in order to maintain the improvements the district has made. I keep putting this into the hands of God and wait to see how He leads this. Wisdom is a key word in taking part in this transition. Proverbs does a superb job outlining our responsibility in staying in tune with God’s Wisdom rather than jumping to quick decisions based on man’s emotions. The older I get the more I recognize this and want only to be a good model of waiting upon the Lord.

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