Today is the testimony day for me for our Celebrate Recovery group. There is a song our quartet sings called: He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away. If you want to listen to it you can YouTube it. It has a powerful message for one like me. I’ve added the YouTube video of the song to my testimony for tonight. It tells so well how God is always working to help us know and be the new creation He had always intended for us. I love its way of sharing the message through music. I have a very difficult time singing through it without breaking down, but that’s only because it is so real for me.

God is continuously at work in our lives to help us work through barriers which hold us back. In addition to this, He is faithfully using our lives as a testimony for others who are struggling through their own. He is also, most importantly, using our story to give hope for those who think they are hopeless–how much I relate to this. But, today, it is my past that relates to this. The hope I had for my past, God has made real in my present! How much I PRAISE HIM for His patient, loving, steadfast help!

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