The beauty of spring is all around us. Flowering trees, daffodils and tulips are blooming everywhere along with the blooming shrubs. I love seeing all of this and tending to my own. Today is one of those days when I get to spend most of it in the yard.

The days of this week are ticking away as I get closer to tomorrow’s testimony for our Celebrate Recovery group. Saturday I do the interview supporting Mending the Soul which will be another testimony time. Sunday I will start the new Mending the Soul class. After the class we will have our CR leadership monthly meeting where another lady and I will do the training portion. All of this has been heavily on my mind and Satan does all he can to disrupt. However, the verses like I mentioned in yesterday’s post are ones I can use to remind him who I now know I am. My prayer warrior had prayed last summer that I would find self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence. Today I have much more confidence than I ever have known. In years past confidence meant being “cocky”–(another one of dad’s terms). The confidence I know is the assurance that what I am doing is wholly within God’s leading and God’s plan for me. I love serving Him.

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