A little later this morning I’ll be giving my story to a breakfast group of men (100+) at our church supporting the start of our class: Mending the Soul, tomorrow. It is a nerve wrenching time for me doing this. Most of that centers around admitting to my own abuse and the damage it did to me. I’ve always hated admitting that I wasn’t strong enough to endure it and still be free from it. However, God has made it abundantly clear that He wants to use this mess of mine as His message to support others in taking healthy steps for themselves. Once I’ve done this part I’m always glad I did for it does help people open to their own hurt and damage they’ve kept in secret. In fact, when I shared my story with our Celebrate Recovery group Thursday night, one gal who had only been coming 4 weeks said, “Now I know I’m at the right place.” My prayer this morning is that the men present will know they are at the right place and hearing the right message. I’ve included in the talk about the abused victim taking the class, but also, what an unabused man can do to help support a victim.

Sometimes taking steps with God requires us to be a “little uncomfortable”. Yet, this discomfort turns into joy when one sees the results of God working. I submit to this today and praise Him for using my story for His purposes. To God be the GLORY!

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