Yesterday was quite the test. Satan did all he could to divert the breakfast meeting time so there wouldn’t be time for our interview. Two other topics were brought to the floor at the last minute which occupied all of the time which is ordinarily given to the morning’s planned topic. The pastor told me at the breakfast there was some interference. However, as we began, it seemed The Holy Spirit took control. Only God knows the impact He wanted. Today we start the class–Mending the Soul. Last night I dreamed that there was a crowd of men outside the room as we started today. The room was too small and not enough chairs. I had another dream where only 2 were present. I’ll be glad to get this started today!

After the class today our Celebrate Recovery leadership has its monthly meeting. Another gal and I are to do the training piece. We had met earlier in the week and I ran the materials Thursday ahead of our weekly CR night. This morning the materials are not to be found. As I was doing my journaling God seemed to tell me to focus on Him and to not worry about what He has already addressed. So, somehow, if we are to have the training today, these materials will show. I’m going to focus on what I know I’m to do. I TRUST our God!

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