Forty-four years ago today I was called out of my classroom about 10:00 am by my principal. She had been called by my wife. I needed to come home and take her to the hospital. Our second child was about to be born–Amber Jean. All of these years later, she has been nothing but an inspiration. As a dad, we always want our kids to know how to make wise choices, and if a child strays, how do they quickly get back on track. Well, this child is one who, if she ever did stray, never strayed far. She is the one who has helped so many find their way to God or back to God. Today she is a children’s pastor whose influence reaches beyond the kids to their parents and community. Along with that she is a blessed wife and mom. Her dad is proud!

Yesterday I had a moment of questioning God’s involvement with the work I do in education. Sometimes it can feel as though what one does for God at church competes with what one does in the secular world. However, just expressing it yesterday allowed God to show me throughout yesterday why I can’t lose sight of His involvement in each area of work He has laid before me. I’ve always been a passionate advocate of education and never questioned God’s leading me there. He definitely reminded me that He hasn’t stopped doing that. What a wonderful God we serve!

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