This morning I am helping my oldest grandson do some landscaping in his yard. We need to do some shopping first to find just what he wants. All of this is fun for me! I had an early zoom meeting with one of the school districts this morning and almost forgot to write today’s entry. I had gone to the kitchen thinking I had an hour before starting the shopping. Then it hit me I had neglected my blog. Sorry for the lateness.

The Songs of Solomon are an interesting group of chapters all centered around the emotional depth of genuine love. I appreciate how Joyce Meyers brings a picture of intimate love for God as well as intimate love for our mate into the writing. To this day I still have troubling moments regarding intimacy and its connection to sex. The memories of childhood are there and Satan tries his best to remove the beauty of intimacy in this area for me. This is difficult to write about, but it is a part of the journey for me. I know that writing this helps me recognize it so I can reject it. Replacing it with self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence is something I’ve never thought about until this very moment of writing. Wow, God has been showing me that I can let this torment go. He has replaced it with a wonderful marriage and commitment to my wife. I can simply reject this torment! Boy, do I love how God works!

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