Today’s journey takes me to a district this morning and then back home where I join two others leading a group of us consultants in a book study we will start this afternoon. The book’s title is SOUL by Timothy Kanold. It is written for educators but the content of the book has a definite spiritual depth and purpose. The book begins with the author telling his childhood experience of neglect (one of the five areas of abuse defined in Mending the Soul). He uses this background to create the foundation for writing this book. It was a few teachers and an aunt who turned his life of neglect into an opportunity to live life with purpose. It just so happened that the director of my consulting work asked the three of us a month ago to lead our group in this book study with part 1 being today. As I began to read this I was troubled at first thinking I didn’t want to reveal to this group of educators, my past. Yet, the more I addressed it the more I realized there was no more shame in bringing it to light. It didn’t own me any longer. Instead, my past is often used by God in the daily work being done. Our past can bring a sensitivity in us to better connect with the world of people we are involved through our relationships and through our work.

It is truly a working miracle how God transforms our mess into His message. I rejoice with others when I can see this in their lives. I sit in humble awe when I realize how He has done this for me. To God be all Glory–great things He has done!

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