It was 39 years ago today that Kathy and I had our blind date set up by a teacher who taught for me and her husband. When I look back over these years I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today in my close walk with God if it were not for Kathy. She has always had the solid faith that God and I could handle facing the childhood I had. Now that I know such freedom from it, I give great thanks to God and her.

I believe I’ve said in earlier posts that I am reading through the devotional writings of Charles Spurgeon. Since the latter part of March each day’s entry has focused the reader on the astounding work of Jesus Christ building up to His crucifixion and onto His resurrection. In the last couple of days the writings have been helpful for me in ways I’ve not known until now. He writes about Christ’s cleansing blood flowing through us cleansing us of all unrighteousness and continually doing this as we come to Him each day. This is truly not new news but the mental picture of this happening for me is quite new. Up until more recent years I just couldn’t picture how Jesus washed away sins done to you. I knew in my head that they weren’t mine to wash away, but they were still present nonetheless and I felt helpless to address them so I kept all of this in “denial”. The amazing cleansing of Christ Jesus’ blood for me in this was washing away the toxic shame of sins done and replacing them with memories of Him with me knowing the sins were man’s choice and certainly not His.

It is a beautiful work Christ does as we stay with Him and open ourselves to take the steps He wants us to take. This is what Kathy has done for me, helping me to take the risk of trusting and daily stepping into LIGHT I didn’t know existed. Praise GOD!

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