Yesterday was one of those ideal, pristine days where the weather was perfect, every detail of work was done, and when you sat down in the early evening the sense of goodness surrounded you. When this happens, I can hardly find the words to thank God with the fullness He deserves.

Today the actual journey of stepping into one’s past begins for the men who are taking the class, Mending the Soul. Last week we met and I introduced them to the materials and some ground rules, gave their first assignment, but today is the day we step into the darkness of the past and let the LIGHT of GLORY begin to penetrate. The work of emotional healing is no different than flesh healing. We first have to open the wound, reveal the disease, remove it (all very painful) and then we can begin to experience the healing which follows. I look forward to this journey with these men.

God is so good! I Praise HIS HOLY NAME!

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